Polartide (Spillover)

Chafe, Gottfried, Meyer, Ng, Niemeyer, 2014

Polartide started as a project for the 2013 Venice Biennale Maldives Pavillion. A team of musicians and artists banded together at UC Berkeley's Center for New Media (bcnm.berkeley.edu) to create a sound marker which tracks sea water levels in coastal cities. A sound marker is an alarm of sorts that sounds out to all members of a community within earshot of a bell tower. The first version worked with simulated bells, and this version, spillover, works with a live audience and a carillonist.

The carillonist plays a fixed score which is a musification of global sea water level data. The audience, using the spillover web app, controls the speed or tempo at which the carillonist plays the score. The audience controls how fast the music plays from note to note, and metaphorically explores how our actions affect the rise of global sea water.

During the concerts, we hand out small flyers to the audience. The pdf files for these flyers are here:
  • Concert Notes, Catalan, 2014
  • Concert Notes, English, 2014
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